STEREX plasma technology.

Make dangerous germs and odors a thing of the past!



Fresh air like after a summer storm.

How does the CUBUSAN work? It is modeled on nature and produces small summer storms almost permanently. The disinfection performance is based on the action of hydroxyl radicals (OH) as part of an electrophysical process.

These are ions that also occur in the natural atmosphere and are produced by UV radiation from the sun or lightning discharges. You can clearly feel the effect in nature after a storm, when the first rays of sunshine come through the clouds. Then the air is noticeably fresher and cleaner.

Hydroxyl radicals are therefore also called the “detergents of the atmosphere”. The plasma generator in the CUBUSAN produces a mixture of air and cold, atmospheric plasma. This contains various oxygen species, including highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. These are distributed evenly throughout the room by the built-in fan and by particle movement (diffusion) and react electrophysically with the germs contained in the aerosols. Viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores are killed and the room is disinfected by up to 99.99 %.

Tested and certified technology.

The method and efficiency have been confirmed by a renowned German hygiene institute which has high quality standards that are globally valid, with the involvement of independent air flow analysis specialists.

The following documents confirm the operating method of CUBUSAN.

Certificate I – Certificate on the operating method of CUBUSAN from the Competence Center for Technical Hygiene and Applied Microbiology
Certificate II – Expert opinion on the validation of the operating method
Certificate III – Specialist evaluation of CFD airflow analysis from the point of view of microbiology and hygiene
Certificate IV – Toxicological evaluation

The following video confirms the operating method of the STEREX plasma technology

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