CUBUSAN - Referenz - CUBUSAN@Mitterlehner

CUBUSAN@Mitterlehner Training

Daniel Hufnagel, CEO of Mitterlehner Training Fitness Studios: “We did look at other products. For us, the decision came down to ensuring sufficient protection for our customers and employees.”

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CUBUSAN - Referenz - Dr. Werle - Die Technik hat mich überzeugt

Dr. Werle: “The technology won me over”

“The air in the doctor’s office is always virtually germ-free (99.9 %) thanks to Cubusan technology. After careful reading of the documents, including the technical expert reports, I can say that I am very impressed with the technical approach used to eliminate germs permanently at source.”

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CUBUSAN - Referenz - Dr. Hule

Quote from Dr. Hule about Cubusan

“Protecting our employees and clients as best we can is something we see as a matter of course. Depending on what the latest coronavirus restrictions allow, as many as eight people might come together in a large room for meetings. The air purifier enables us to minimize the risk of infection.”

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