CUBUSAN - Referenz - Dr. Hule

Quote from Dr. Hule about Cubusan

Hule Bachmayr-Heyda Nordberg, one of Vienna’s renowned commercial law firms, also uses Cubusan for active air disinfection. Dr. Michael Hule, attorney and partner at Hule Bachmayr-Heyda Nordberg, explains that: “Protecting our employees and clients as best we can is something we see as a matter of course. Depending on what the latest coronavirus restrictions allow, as many as eight people might come together in a large room for meetings. The air purifier enables us to minimize the risk of infection.” When asked why his firm opted for this device, Dr. Hule replies: “We were impressed with the technology. It is clearly much more efficient and much safer to neutralize bacteria and viruses in the room directly instead of first sucking out the air, filtering it, and putting it back. That takes longer, whereas Cubusan works quickly and constantly. The device is also very quiet and easy to use. We and our clients are very happy.”

CUBUSAN - Referenz - Dr. Hule Partner


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