CUBUSAN - Referenz - Direktor Johann Kinzl: Bessere Luft in der CUBUSAN-Klasse

Principal Johann Kinzl: “Better air in the 'CUBUSAN class'“

Successful air disinfection at the Ried 1 primary school

Volksschule 1, an elementary school in Ried, has been using the CUBUSAN since mid-March. A timer clock ensures that it switches on automatically one hour before class starts. Principal Johann Kinzl says: “We set up the CUBUSAN in a classroom that measures roughly 66 m2. When I go from class to class to collect the test results, I notice a big difference. The air in the ‘CUBUSAN class’ is much nicer.” The device has been very well-received by children and teachers alike: “We’ve heard that the kids say very good things about it at home too.” Principal Kinzl would definitely recommend the CUBUSAN to others: “Whether it’s a case of modernization, renovation or the construction of a brand-new building, school maintenance committees need to include this disinfection device in their plans.”

CUBUSAN - Referenz - Direktor Johann Kinzl
Principal Johann Kinzl

Ried 1 primary school

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