CUBUSAN - Referenz - Kindergarten-Leiterin Andrea Klingesberger: Raumklima wie bei einem Wasserfall

Head of kindergarten Andrea Klingesberger: ”Room climate as though there's a waterfall nearby”

CUBUSAN reduces the risk of infection completely without chemicals

At the kindergarten in Riegerting, Mehrnbach, the CUBUSAN is mainly used in communal areas where daily morning circle time takes place. Head of kindergarten Andrea Klingesberger explains: “Our building is already 50 years old and it can get stuffy in here sometimes. Everyone who comes in is struck by how fresh the air is, as though there’s a waterfall nearby. The CUBUSAN noticeably reduces odors too. The children are thrilled with it and think they can even come to school with a cold now because we have the CUBUSAN. It’s a brilliant invention in these challenging times!”

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