CUBUSAN - Referenz - Fahrschulinhaber Mag. Otmar Kalchgruber: „Alles soll so virenfrei wie möglich sein.“

Driving school owner Otmar Kalchgruber: “We need to do all we can to keep the lecture room virus-free.”

Driving license course free of viruses and bacteria

At the Yo-Yo driving school in Ried im Innkreis, driving license courses can finally be conducted in person again. Owner Otmar Kalchgruber has installed a CUBUSAN in order to give the best protection to learner drivers and their parents during lectures.

“My colleague heard about CUBUSAN and following thorough research on the website, I decided to go with the product. The air purifier has been operating in our lecture room since the restriction on face-to-face teaching was lifted. We are doing all we can to ensure that the venues for theory courses are virus-free. We introduce CUBUSAN to students and parents at the start of the course and explain how it acts to disinfect the air. We are delighted that the air purifier gives us that extra level of safety and want to pass on the message.”

The noise from the CUBUSAN is similar to that of the projector and does not cause a disturbance during teaching. Otmar Kalchgruber is happy to recommend the CUBUSAN: “In enclosed spaces, such as meeting rooms where a lot of people congregate, the air purifier is really useful.” The driving school could also continue teaching all driving license groups online. “However, we know that roughly 20% of learner drivers drop out during an online course to do something else, so we are very pleased to be able to welcome our students in person again,” says Otmar Kalchgruber.

CUBUSAN - Referenz - Fahrschulinhaber Mag. Otmar Kalchgruber - Fahrschule Yo-Yo
Owner Otmar Kalchgruber

Yo-Yo Driving school

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