Air purifiers in training rooms and seminar facilities

Requirements of training and seminar rooms are constantly evolving.

More and more is being expected of training and seminar facilities; the environment needs to be as modern and practical as possible and an air purifier in a seminar room will soon be a basic requirement.

Air purifiers in training rooms boost productivity and creativity.

The location plays a crucial role in the success of a seminar or training session. In addition to spatial aspects such as the appropriate technical equipment, acoustics, and furnishings, the pleasant atmosphere of the room promotes productivity and creativity. Clean and fresh air is essential here, as good air quality ensures a clear head and creates a pleasant, open atmosphere. The complete package is key. There is often a positive correlation between a well-equipped seminar room and the learning experience of the training participants. The air purifier for training rooms helps to create an inviting atmosphere and promises a pleasant room climate.

Gathering safely as a group!

When several people come together in one room, there is a greater aerosol load. Increased movement in particular, such as during a dance seminar, causes heavy sweating and the higher CO2 output also results in more aerosols in the room. However, the same effect can be seen when people spend an extended period of time in a room without air circulation. Aerosols can contain viruses and bacteria that are potentially harmful to health. The Cubusan air purifier neutralizes these and guarantees clean and healthy air. The Cubusan air purifier for training rooms continuously disinfects the air and removes up to 99.9% of germs.

So, not only does the Cubusan air purifier for training rooms help staff at the training facility to maintain hygiene standards on location, but it also trainers to concentrate fully on preparing the seminar content.