Air purifiers for restaurants and hotels

The recent past has shown us just how quickly tiny viruses can put entire industries out of action. As a result, disinfected and clean air will continue to be an important sales argument in the future when it comes to getting people through the door. An air purifier for restaurants and hotels can provide the solution – and even hold a pandemic at bay.

Deadly virus cocktails due to a lack of air purifiers in restaurants and hotels.

During the high season, hotels and restaurants typically get a lot of customers – lively coming and going is the norm. People want to celebrate together, relax, or spend time with their families. But anywhere where lots of people come together is also a hotbed for viruses, resulting in the transmission of germs harmful to human health.

For employees and firms in general, there is a lot at stake. Within a short period, there could be a significant staff shortage and companies may even be forced to close due to staff absences or at the instruction of the authorities.

Air purifiers in restaurants and hotels – part and parcel of the new standard.

In general, it is safe to assume that there is much greater need for safety and hygiene concepts in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. By extension, hygiene will be a deciding factor when people choose a hotel or restaurant and so a comprehensive protection concept is vital.

At the same time, the organizational capacities and time required for this should be kept to a minimum because the day-to-day work in hotels and restaurants is intense and often very stressful. The Cubusan air purifier for restaurants and hotels is therefore the perfect solution.

Breathe deep and easy with air purifiers in restaurants and hotels.

With the Cubusan air purifier, you can reduce viruses in hotels and restaurants – all fully automatically while you go about your normal business. By using the Cubusan air purifier for restaurants and hotels as an additional hygiene measure, you can provide substantial protection for your guests and employees even when confronted with the mandatory reduction in customer numbers on account of the official coronavirus distancing regulations. The Cubusan air purifier boosts safety through continuous air disinfection while at the same time creating a pleasant atmosphere by neutralizing odors not only in waiting areas, recreation rooms, and meeting rooms, but also in kitchens, changing rooms, ski boot drying chambers, and fitness and spa areas.