Air purifiers in fitness studios

Take a breather in complete safety thanks to a fitness studio air purifier!

People typically release more aerosol particles when active so, unsurprisingly, there are often a lot of aerosols in the air at fitness and yoga studios. A fitness studio air purifier neutralizes harmful aerosols and unpleasant odors, making it a must for every professional sports center.

Breathe easy again with Cubusan.

The climate has to be right during training – this presents a real challenge for not only people, but also the infrastructure of a fitness studio. Wherever lots of people are exercising together at the same time, lots of oxygen is inhaled and potentially aerosol-laden CO2 exhaled. And then, of course, there are the unpleasant smells in the studio and locker rooms.

Allergens, viruses, and bacteria fill the air, pushing most ventilation systems to their limits. In the worst-case scenario, these can result in illness. Cubusan is the perfect, quiet training partner when it comes to active air disinfection and the reduction of pathogens and bad odors. The Cubusan air purifier for fitness studios and yoga studios creates a safe atmosphere for training.

Disinfecting virus-loaded air using Sterex plasma technology.

The Cubusan air purifier technology is based on hydroxyl radicals (OH). These molecules have a disinfecting effect and limit their neutralizing action to specific structures of bacteria and certain enveloped viruses. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of the air purifier for fitness studios, it is possible to guarantee hygiene standards indoors and ensure the cleanliness of sports facilities – even during intensive use.